Forensic / Fraud Investigation Services

One of the most important aspects which have destroyed several brand images, while carrying out a Business audit, is the presence of fraud or criminal activity harboring inside an organization. Due to increasing volatility and competitiveness in business, some of the organizations diverge from the path of ethics and commit fraud or get involved in criminal activities or misconducts, money laundering, etc. Investing in organizations without carrying out proper forensic/ fraud investigation may invite immense damage to a brand’s reputation.

With NSKT preeminent Forensic/ Fraud Investigation services such business challenges can be overcome easily as the highly-qualified and experienced team pay heed to every aspect with an utmost conviction for any discrepancy or error.

  • Providing unbiased and independent opinions of the organization’s reality and circumstances.

  • Investigation and associated solutions which oblige legal standards for prosecutions, recovery or sanctions.

  • Providing practical, feasible and working solutions to fraud-related issues.

  • Quality advisory on fraud prevention, whistleblowing referrals, theft, corruption, money laundering, etc.

After a thorough investigation carried out by prominent organizations such as NSKT Global, they provide a comprehensive, crisp, and data-driven report which has been customized and kept confidential as much. The data is shared with the top-most management and subsequent action is taken accordingly.

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